The second edition of the MediCrats book has JUST been released, and can be yours for only $14.95! (Free domestic shipping, $5.95 to be shipped Worldwide)

With the preface by John Goodman PhD, and the foreword by Lee Kurisko MD, This easy to read book will help you to understand much of the waste in health care, and what to do about it.

Just click right here, or visit our online store on the store tab to the right above, and find out about how Medical Bureaucrats Rule your Health Care, and how the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (AKA obamacare) will accelerate that control over our lives.

The sad fact is that obamacare is not about reducing costs, or improving care, it’s about increasing the MediCrats’ control over our health! The winners and losers were chosen in advance. Read about who endorsed the plan, and what they got for their endorsements!

MediCrats: Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care. Buy your copy today!

View Ron Paul’s Medicrats recognition letter below:

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