About Ralph

Author of MediCrats

Ralph F. Weber, Author

Ralph F. Weber, President of MediBid, was born in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up in Thailand, Nepal, and Germany. After starting an international health insurance brokerage in Canada, Ralph’s wife was injured by a 2 ½ year wait for surgery, and his son sustained a head injury which was not treated because of the lack of a CT machine at the hospital in Canada. In 2005, Ralph moved to California to obtain surgery for his wife, and expanded his brokerage there. In 2006, Ralph participated in a healthcare forum with presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani. Ralph later contributed healthcare reform policy to Mayor Giuliani, and state assemblyman, Mike Villines. Driven by a passion for greater access, transparency, and value in healthcare, Ralph and a group of private investors started MediBid. MediBid does what politicians have failed to do to healthcare for decades: To control costs, expand access, and offer quality choice and value to patients. MediBid allows patients to shop for medical care across state lines, and international borders, with full transparency. It is a truly free market solution to healthcare.

In October of 2010 Ralph moved his 2 companies to Tennessee from California. This move was prompted by growing demand for free market healthcare, and the costs, taxes, and over regulation of businesses in California. Ralph had been very active in California on healthcare reform, and is continuing in Tennessee.

Ralph is the author of “MediCrats, Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care”. Red tape and ruthless regulations issued by power-hungry bureaucrats are taking control of your health care.  Find out how the MediCrats have gained their control through history with evolving government programs and the development of insurance.  MediCrats goes over the power brokers who have enabled the passage of the Affordable Care Act in an easy-to-read format, and provides real solutions which can be implemented today which result in extensive cost savings.