MediCrat: noun. Medical Ruler

A healthcare bean counter working for a government or regulatory agency, a large health plan/insurance company, or medical provider whose primary task is to control or regulate the health of a nation’s residents and the payment systems allowed to cover health services. The MediCrat approves or disapproves procedures and prices of medical care and sets rules determination utilization of the same.

Medi- is short for medical; crat comes from the Latin root word cratia; to rule, and the Greek word kratos – strength.

A MediCrat is a person usually with an accounting, or cost containment background, appointed by a government official, a third party payer of medical care, or a medical provider who is tasked with reducing the use and price of medical procedures, durable medical products, or prescription medicines.

MediCratic: A system whereby MediCrats dictate procedures and policies applied to the provision or payment of healthcare services, products, and medicines.

The third party payer system, and managed care is a system based on healthcare bean counters, and medical bureaucrats regulating expenditures on your medical care, thereby effectively regulating your health. The term MediCrats , accurately describes these people, since they effectively are medical rulers. MediCrats are not at all affiliated with any political party, just as bureaucrats are not.