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Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care

160 Pages, Paperback

Released on October 15, 2011

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Ralph F. Weber coined “MediCrats” to describe the medical, insurance, and government bureaucracy that has driven up the cost of health care, and threatens to bankrupt the United States.

Ralph F. Weber, A Canadian who emigrated to the US as a means of escaping Canada Health, documents the history of US health care and how MediCrats have managed to distort and complicate health care so that today, our freedom and fortune is in jeopardy.

For anyone who thinks they may have the solution, or thinks someone else may have the solution to US health care, whether on the left or right, conservative or liberal, this book is critical.  Weber’s journey is historical and shows a very concerted effort to bring the US exactly to the place it’s in right now:  staring down the 2700 page Affordable Care Act that no one read before passage that threatens the stability of the entire foundation of the US economy and constitution.

Until you’ve read MediCrats, you won’t know what the problem is that needs fixing.

Ralph F. Weber, CLU is the founder of Route Three Life Health Disability, Inc., and CEO of MediBid, Inc, and resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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