• “MediCrats gives the best overview of how Obamacare makes our national health care policy mess even worse, and how the free market should be left free to clean it up that I’ve ever read.”Nick Dranias, esq. | Director of Policy Development and Constitutional Government

    Goldwater Institute 

  • Wayne Brough PhD. is the Chief Economist and Vice President of Research at FreedomWorks.Medicrats is an important book. Ralph Weber does an excellent job of showing the pending disasters of ObamaCare. Using simple, real-world examples, he demonstrates the inherent contradictions of the recent health care legislation. And there are all too many examples. Fortunately, Mr. Weber offers a way out of the maze with an alternative that refocuses health care on patients, not bureaucrats. Rather than emboldening the power of government, Mr. Weber advocates harnessing the power of markets to create a patient-centered health care system that cuts through the waste and bureaucracy that dominates health care today.
  • An excerpt from the Preface
    By John C Goodman, PhD
    Ralph coins the term “Medicrat” to describe the people in power that get to decide how your health care is delivered and paid for: the AMA, unions, Congress, insurance companies, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is blunt about the impact of Medicrats who arbitrarily set reimbursement rates: where no one knows the real cost of care. The market can’t efficiently allocate resources if the prices it reacts to are artificial and inevitably wrong.
    It is tempting to see this situation as futile, but free markets and entrepreneurship are hard to permanently suppress. Ralph is the architect of a new service, called, that connects patients and providers. Patients who need surgery can log in and, for a nominal fee, receive bids from several different surgeons. The patient then makes a decision based on the hospital’s reputation, quality, and price. Ralph’s goal is to free doctors to compete on price and to create domestic medical tourism. This will drive down costs for patients and improve the quality of care as well.
    I’m grateful for this incisive book, and I’m glad to see Ralph’s market-based solution to so many of our current problems.
  • John Cerasuolo                                                                                                  President at ADS Security                                                                             Chairman at Beacon Center of Tennessee Read MediCrats and you will understand why ObamaCare will result in higher costs and reduced access to health care.  More importantly, Ralph Weber shows how the free market and the return of price signals is the only hope we have to return to a rational health care market.